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On the way to Australia: Labour20 at the third G20 Employment Task Force Meeting



  • L20 Discussion Note to the 3rd ETF Meetingpdf
In the transitional phase between the Russian and Australian Presidencies of the G20, the Employment Task Force (ETF) met on October 18 in Geneva to discuss the recent Saint Petersburg Summit outcomes and to look forward to Brisbane in 2014. The Labour20 (L20) was represented by TUAC General Secretary John Evans, who presented the L20 Discussion Note (see download section) on future priorities and actions.

Despite important outcomes in the Saint Petersburg Declaration, policy actions have to follow to create better jobs, demand and growth. Recent forecasts again pointed to low growth and rising unemployment. Progress at the G20 level might be spurred with well-designed monitoring exercises and collections of best practices supported by the ETF and social partners.

At the meeting, Mr. Evans supported the organization of another joint Labour and Finance Ministers meeting to enhance coordinated action given the worsening levels of unemployment and income distribution. He also noted that while most commitments made on employment policies go in the right direction, they remain mostly centered on the mid-term, while short-term action in G20 countries is needed to increase demand. At the same time, he acknowledged the new areas of commitments including workers’ health and safety and reducing informality as important steps forward.

The Australian Presidency will be launched in December to which the L20 will present its priorities.