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24/07/2014| L20 spoke out for Pro-Growth Strategies to ensure Jobs and Inclusive Growth at the G20 Taskforce on Employment Meeting

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22/07/2014| Workers’ health and safety to be addressed by G20

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27/06/2014| 7 OECD Government Ministers call on brands to compensate Rana Plaza victims after strong Trade Union and NGO push


25/06/2014| New TALIS Survey is out: Much remains to be done to improve the professional development of teachers

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24/06/2014| L20 Forum: The G20 growth targets must come with commitment to plug 62 million global ‘jobs gap’

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24/06/2014| TUAC - OECD Watch side-event: Compensating the victims of Rana Plaza - What role for the OECD and the National Contact Points?

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19/06/2014| New OECD report concludes that even as global economy improves income inequality continues to grow - Youth and the poor fall further behind

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11/06/2014| L20 Recommendations to the G20 - June 2014

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03/06/2014| L20 Forum: More jobs, better jobs for Stronger Growth - Melbourne, Australia, 24 June 2014

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23/05/2014| Towards Sustainable Jobs: Outcomes and Action Points of the ITUC Congress 2014

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21/05/2014| European and American Unions Support a “Gold Standard” Trade Deal

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20/05/2014| ITUC Congress Debates Future Action for Sustainable Jobs

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07/05/2014| TUAC EVALUATION OF THE OECD MCM: Inequality dangers recognised – but policies don’t change

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07/05/2014| Day 2 of the OECD Week: New Economic Outlook features Old Recommendations

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The Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) to the OECD is an interface for labour unions with the OECD. It is an international trade union organisation which has consultative status with the OECD and its various committees.

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